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1 03 2013


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New windows will help with energy savings and overall comfort. The IRS tax credit for new windows was reduced at the end of 2010, but the Oregon Energy Trust rebates will still put significant cash back in your hands.

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In other news, our year long basement remodel into a preschool is done. I planned every detail with the little ones in mind. A separate entrance for parents and students, a deep egress escape window, and a toddler-height sink are just a few of the design features. My wife, Lori, has over twenty years of experience working with children in various capacities. She is excited to share her passion for teaching with neighborhood families. We still have space available. Call to set up a tour and let your child explore the Little Green Schoolhouse.

Little Green School House Website



Ryan Chin

Northeast Portland

Window Options and Pricing

1 02 2013

It’s December in Portland; frigid winds blast through the Gorge. Your house creaks, your drapes dance, and you hear the furnace fire up again. The thermostat is set at seventy. It feels snug and warm for a few minutes but as soon as the furnace shuts down, the warm air is literally sucked away. You need new windows but aren’t sure what your options are and how much it will cost you. In this article, I will outline your options and give rough estimates for a typical window found in many of Portland’s homes. My goal is to help you find a balance between aesthetics, window performance, and staying within a budget.

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A Typical Window: Pictured below is a 30 inch by 60 inch window typical of old homes in Portland. The glass is single pane and the rope attaching the counterweights has snapped. The sashes are loose and the glazing holding the glass in place is flaking away. The top sash does not open because it has been painted shut. The lower sash opens and closes but it fits loosely. Heat is loss not only from conduction but also from the seal between the sash and the window jamb. The window jamb and sills are solid and even though the trim has many layers of paint it looks good and matches the rest of the house.


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Options and Rough Estimates for this Window

All estimates are based on the above window and include materials and labor. Painting is not included. Most of my clients save money by painting themselves. Many variables can change the cost.  A detailed estimate will be provided after our meeting. Read the rest of this entry »