Sample Contract

I take great care in detailing what is included and excluded so my clients are fully informed.  Generally, I add 8% for company overhead, and depending on the nature of the work, I add a few hours for off-site labor. Paperwork, phone calls, and ordering and picking up materials can add a lot of time to a job.  Sometimes I can credit disposal fees if the debris can be reused, and is picked up. For example, old window sashes are usually taken away within hours for art projects, green houses, and cold frames.  On my last window job I was able to credit my client $140 because I had zero waste to dispose of.  For most jobs I require half the contract cost as a down payment.  Again, I believe a high level of communication is the key to a successful project.

Below are the first two pages of a sample contract. If we do business, your contract will look similar. Click on image to enlarge. 


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