Kitchens and Cabinet Refacing

Kitchens are the center piece of a home. I understand how important it is to have a functional kitchen and one you are proud to show to family and friends. My kitchen remodels have ranged from simply painting cabinets to full tear-outs and custom cabinets, however, my specialty is cabinet refacing.

Cabinet refacing is a more affordable and quick alternative to tearing up your kitchen. Although it is not ‘dirt-cheap’ it is cheaper than custom cabinets and not nearly as invasive. The average refacing job lasts two to three days. The process involves placing veneers over your existing cabinets and installing new doors and drawer fronts. The veneers used for refacing are not considered a green product but using what you have is the greenest thing you can do. Depending on wood species, door style, and the finish you choose, I can give you a completely new look for roughly $250-$350 per opening depending on door style and wood species selected. My main supplier for doors, drawers, and drawer fronts is Cabdoor, a company located in Salem.  Click here to browse door styles and wood species.

Before Refacing

After Refacing


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